Lockdown - We'll be back

Worrying times for a lot in our industry at the moment as a lot of entertainers have no work and cannot see where the next pay check is coming from but we also see it's a time when a lot of them have become creative and tried to keep spirits up. Our DJ's for instance have been doing disco on your doorstep for all those local to them getting people up and dancing weekly on their doorsteps and drives. They even had a competition between the 2 of them to see which DJ was the favourite! They even made the local news magazine.

I won't reveal the winner of the challenge - you can just ask them when you see them next ;)

Aside from the worrying time for the entertainment industry, it has also been a very worrying time for people organising events. I.E weddings, birthdays and the like with many scrubbing off 2020 and moving everything on a year. We know what cost implications this may have and so have put in place a no fee policy when changing your date with us to a date that suits.

We can only do our bit to try and ease the pain! Hopefully we will see you very soon at a local gig or indeed at an event you are attending or organising.

We will be back!

In the meantime, here is our DJ Karl with his take on 'Our Tune' which was a radio must listen back in the day.......

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